Sometimes, when we start our journey toward authenticity, we can feel challenged about our identity not only around who we currently are, but who we think we could be. It's one thing to think about what our gifts might be, our potential amazingness and how powerful we might really be if we would only be ourselves. Its quite another thing to actually find out what you are made of.

This video is addressing the way that we deal with "negative" emotions. We are capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions and, just like the chakras, all of them have a purpose. Emotions offer information and so much more. The latest trend is to deny our negative thoughts and feelings so that we don't attract more negativity, but we don't actually benefits ourselves by denying an authentic feeling. We need to acknowledge and process all emotions. 

Do you beat yourself up for not being perfect? Do you feel regret about a past wrong-doing or previous choices? Do you wonder why you can't just pick a job and do it for years? This video is for you! In this video I address how our culture's expectations clash with our true human nature to explore, play, change, and learn through doing; how making mistakes or not getting it right the first time can be a powerful teacher. 

I've found that doing a daily ancestral shrine practice has been ever so helpful in my life! In major ways. Anyone can do it and in this video I show you how to create and use a simple ancestral shrine in a way that allows you to effectively ask and receive help from your ancestral helping spirits. This comes from my interest in shamanism and has no religious details at all. If you want to experience help or explore working with your resolved ancestors, this video is for you! 

Do you have fears of being truly authentic? Do you think it's too risky to expose your true self to those around you? Or feel a need to protect yourself from potential judgement, and therefor never really put yourself out there? In this video I give you a simple exercise to get perspective and clarity on the risk we feel of being who we really are. 

Want to bring something new into your life, your space, or your schedule? We tend to live at capacity in our lives - physically, time-wise, and energetically. So it can be difficult to add something, even something we really want, when there is no room for it. In this video I share a simple way to make room for bringing in what you want.

It's the perfect time to review goals and intentions set at the beginning of the year, to set new ones, and clear out old ones that don't apply anymore. Watch this short video for an easy three step process to do this, and reap the rewards of clarity and staying current with your hopes, dreams, and goals!

In this video I address two common myths about our soul's purpose, and why they are false. These beliefs inevitably hold us back from true authenticity and a powerful life. 

Feeling stuck in moving forward on your goals and dreams? Big goals can feel overwhelming and it can be challenging to navigate the gap between where we are now, and where we want to be. In this video I share tips for making tangible progress.